Component Sponsorship

Component Sponsorship

For those that want to make a more tangible contribution towards putting the steam back in General Steam Navigation we have launched the ‘GSN Component Sponsorship’ scheme.

Each month the Society will highlight one particular component. The scheme will allow generous sponsors to cover the cost of individual parts that range from few pounds to several thousands. 

Our generous sponsors will receive a certificate describing the part sponsored, be named on the roll of honour on this website and gracious thanks from all those who wish to see General Steam Navigation back in operation.

If you want to sponsor any of these items, please download and complete the Sponsor Application Form here or email our sponsorship co-ordinator here.

We also welcome Corporate Sponsorship to discuss further please email our sponsorship co-ordinator here.

Components available for sponsorship 


Steam Chest Covers - 4 available - £250 each

Cylinder Covers - 2 available - £1200 each


Wakefield lubricator - 3 available - £4,000 each


Axlebox Castings - 6 available - £1500 each

Axlebox Covers - 6 available - £200 each

Trailing Truck

Axlebox Castings - 2 available - £1500 each


Smokebox door - 1 available - £3,750

Rivets - Thousands available - £10 each

Smokebox doors available for purchase.